Distillation systems

TD Series Stills

Distilled Water—The Universal standard for Pure Water.

For centuries, distilled water has been the accepted standard for pure water throughout the world. Its use has been recommended or specified for literally hundreds of important applications, form the preparation of water for injectables to critical rinsing steps in the manufacture of electronic components. Today, distillation continues to be the most accepted and most widely used method of providing pure water for science, medicine and industry.

The basic advantages that distillation offers are found in the inherent simplicity and reliability of the process. In distillation, impurities are separated from water through the fundamental processes of evaporation and condensation. Since water stills rely on these controlled changes of phase rather than on chemical or other complex techniques, the equipment is very understandable both in operation and in maintenance. And unlike other methods, distillation does not require replacement or regeneration of purification media.

Distillation also continues to be the only “single process” that consistently delivers pure water acceptable for biomedical applications. In contrast to ion exchange which removes only ionized impurities but not organics and bacteria, and reverse osmosis which is only effective in the 90% range, distillation offers generally acceptable removal of all water impurities, including pyrogen contamination.

USEP Distillation Systems—Standard in Distilled Water Production.
U.S. Engineered Products Thermodynamic Distillation Systems are recognized the world over for their superior performance and trouble free operation. Utilizing many unique principles, Thermodynamic stills maximize the basic advantages of distillation in a design that affords both space-saving economy and unmatched flexibility for future expansion. Backed by a complete selection of options and accessories, Thermodynamic stills can be tailored to virtually any requirement.
Four Thermodynamic families are available in capacity ranges of 15-60 and 50-200 gallons per hour. Within these ranges, Thermodynamic stills are expandable in increments of 15 and 50 gallons per hour, respectively.
Each series offers literally hundreds of product configurations to meet specific feedwater, end use, capital outlay and expansion criteria. Match your requirements to one of U.S. Engineered Products standard Thermodynamic models or select components to design the Thermodynamic system that best satisfies your particular needs.

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