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Pure Water

For over 30 years US Engineered Products and our affiliates have been manufacturing, installing, and servicing equipment for the water treatment industry. Our Products include distillation systems, deionization systems, reverse osmosis systems and clean steam generators: Including pre treatment, storage, distribution and post treatment equipment.

US Engineered Products can provide complete turnkey pure water systems, or individual components. From the design stages through installation and start up our experienced and knowledgeable staff can handle all aspects of your water treatment project.

US Engineered Products has factory trained service specialists with a wide range of technical expertise. We can service, trouble shoot, or repair virtually any type of water treatment equipment old or new.


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Distillation systems

Pure Steam Generators

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Deionization systems

Pre treatment / Post treatment

Storage & Distribution


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US Engineered Products provides pure water systems and components. From the design stages through installation and start up, our staff can handle all aspects of you water treatment project.